R&D Nester was represented at 5th annual NextGen SCADA Europe conference and exhibition forum, with core on integrating high functionality cyber secure SCADA systems into the digital grid.

The main conference, held on 30 - 31 January 2018, in Amsterdam, allowed for sharing lessons learned from upgrading SCADA infrastructure to meet the needs of the digital grid and from integrating distributed energy and flexibility resources into the grid. On February 1, there was a full day seminar dedicated to cyber-security.

The event included the presentation of case studies on system architecture, integration, functionality, cooperation between system and market operators, the harmonization between IEC 61850 and CIM (common information model), data processing, forecasting and cyber-security, aiming at providing insights into decision-making process, implementation experiences and future roadmaps.

Nuno Pinho da Silva, researcher at R&D Nester, was speaker in this event, and shared R&D Nester's experience on forecasting electricity production from renewable energy sources. The presentation addressed the integration of multiple sources of information to improve deterministic and probabilistic forecasting models, the evaluation of the models' results, the application of forecasting in renewable energy management and the use of valuation methods to perform cost benefit analysis of forecasting models.

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