R&D Nester publishes paper on digitalization of the energy system in IEEE Journal


In the context of the work performed in Substation of the Future project, R&D Nester submitted the paper entitled "Characterization of Substation Process Bus network delays" to "IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics" journal in 2017. This paper has just been published in the last issue of this journal, corresponding to May 2018 (volume 14, issue 5).

The concepts of SmartGrids and digitalization of the energy system are extremely timely.

R&D Nester have been working on these topics, in particular in what concerns digitalization of substations and the design of more efficient substations.

The paper presents a study of characterization of network delays in an IEC 61850 process bus substation area network expected to exist in the future digital transmission substations. This network delays study was carried out both through theoretical analysis and simulations, considering the predicted traffic in the future process bus communication networks. Since crucial information for correct operation of protection, automation and control functions flows in these networks, they have high performance requirements, justifying the importance of these kind of studies.

The paper can be seen in IEEE Xplore digital library here.

The "IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics" journal has high reputation in scientific community, having an Impact Factor of 6.764. It is placed in the top 20 ranking of the journals related to Computer Science & Electronics with highest Impact Factor.

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