R&D Nester / REN win new project with European Space Agency (ESA)


Following the proposal submitted in May 2018 to the Tender "Services Supporting Critical Infrasctructure", the European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed the approval and decision to finance the project entitled "Space-based services to support Resilient and Sustainable Critical Infrastructure" (RESUCI).

The project proposal was submitted by R&D Nester, together with the company GMVIS SkySoft, and with support letter from REN as end user and stakeholder.

The project is a Feasibility Study aiming to assess the possibility of using satellite information to (i) monitor ROW for obstacles and activity detection, (ii) manage and control field management operations and (iii) assess landslide risk.

The proposal counted with significant contribution from REN, namely the teams related to ROW Management, Maintenance and Asset Management.

Close cooperation between R&D Nester, REN teams and GMV is expected to start in November 2018.

The project RESUCI will last 9 months and generate a revenue of approx. 100k Euro.

For any further information, please contact us at R&D Nester.

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